We are passionate about creating rewarding partnerships with leaders and high potential leaders who are committed to creating great places to work for their people and high returns to their shareholders. Over the last 43 years we have worked with hundreds of CEO’s, Managing Directors, Executives and Senior Managers in many of Australia’s biggest companies and largest infrastructure projects.

Our promise to our coachees is that they will receive direct access to Authenticity, Integrity, Accountability and Effective Action.

How long?

All full coaching programmes take between six and ten months to complete, depending on the number and frequency of sessions.

Half programmes are also available.

How often?

Ideally, sessions are conducted every 2 to 3 weeks.


Our coaches come to you.

In addition to the structures for producing Measurable Results, the components of the programme include:

  1. A 3-hour Strategy Meeting to set up the programme, debrief the attitudinal and performance profile and create clarity on the focus of the coaching.
  2. Eleven 2-hour coaching sessions (full programme, 6 for half programmes).
  3. Three Sponsor meetings.
  4. Three 1-hour follow up sessions.
Resources provided during the programme: