Engagement Coaching Workshop

Having people fully engaged at work is one of the key challenges for CEOs and Executive Teams in business today. Research done in Australia and overseas in the past 20 years has consistently shown that a significant percentage of employees are disengaged.

So what’s missing?

The challenge is by no means simple. A range of complex factors influence a person’s level of engagement, and many of them are outside an organisation’s realm of influence.

Hewson's view is that a person’s point of view determines what they see, what they do and what they produce.

The only way to alter behaviour – and thus the level of engagement – is to alter that view.

Although organisations create structures and opportunities for their employees to have a say, to participate and to contribute, frustratingly, a lack of engagement and prevalence of complaints exist if people’s view is not impacted.

The Workshop

  • Allows people to see the view they are operating from and the way in which it is constraining their engagement, performance and satisfaction at work. 
  • Gives people an opportunity to identify their personal comfort zones, automatic behaviours and actions which inhibit engagement
  • Helps people invent an expanded view which allows them to go beyond their comfort zones and exhibit behaviours and actions which are consistent with engagement.


  • One-hour individual preparation session
  • 2-day workshop
  • Three 1-hour, one on one, coaching sessions. 

Leadership, Accountability and Communication Workshop

In Hewsons Engagement Coaching Workshop, participants are introduced to powerful leadership attributes such as operating with integrity, being responsible, being pro-active in communicating to resolve issues, seeing matters from another’s perspective and effectively engaging others.

The development of these attributes is also the beginning of the journey to expand a person’s ability to be accountable.

The Leadership, Accountability and Communication Workshop builds on the work begun in the Engagement Coaching Workshop by exploring in more depth the areas of performance that are key to building people's reliability:

  1. Awareness of and responsibility for all of the areas of their work life where they are not operating with integrity.
  2. Fully identifying automatic behaviours given by their comfort zone that displace them being leaders and operating accountably.
  3. Expanding their capacity to be responsible for their actions and the positive and negative impact they have on others.
  4. Creating, choosing and implementing new actions that are consistent with leadership and accountability.
  5. Communicating confidently.
  6. Empowering others to lead and being effective at ‘managing up’.

Participants in this Advanced Coaching Workshop need to have completed Hewsons’ Engagement Coaching Workshop or a programme of Individual Executive Coaching.

This workshop consists of 16 to 20 hours of sessions and the format can be designed to work inside of the organisation’s practical and logistical requirements.

Productivity Coaching Workshop

Personal Productivity – being able to produce more quality work without sacrificing the rest of life - is a challenge for everyone.

A person’s worldview, or frame of mind, directly impacts how they work, and how effectively they work.

Hewsons' Productivity Coaching Workshop specifically aims to produce a dramatic increase in productivity by addressing:

  1. People’s capacity to behave productively across the range of tasks and challenges they have, e.g. delegating effectively, holding others accountable, dealing directly with conflict or confrontation. 
  2. A system of tools and techniques for managing their job productively.

Participants in the Productivity Coaching Workshop need to have completed Hewsons’ Engagement Coaching Workshop or a programme of Executive Coaching.
The Productivity Coaching Workshop consists of:

  • One-hour individual preparation session
  • 2-day workshop
  • Three 1-hour, one on one, coaching sessions.