As early as the late 1950’s, academics and researchers in the US were documenting the negative effects of autocratic leadership in modern organisations and the need for leadership development.

Less than 20 years later, in 1973, a pioneering and entrepreneurial pair of Australians began an executive coaching practice in San Jose, California, working with the high tech and advanced technologies industry.

They were the forefathers of Hewsons.

After 10 years of solid practice in the US, the business was brought to Australia and its coaches worked with some of the most well-known Australian business leaders throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s.

A unique methodology, comprised of a blend of disciplines, was developed and refined. It focused on giving leaders the opportunity to bring awareness and responsibility to their behaviours and making choices and taking actions that positively impacted their personal future and the future of their businesses.

The fundamental principal of the methodology was integrity - doing the right thing gets the right results.

The core driver behind the business was always significantly impacting the ability of company leaders to play the game of business and through that improve society as a whole. That ethos laid the foundation for a successful long-term future by attracting a young man new to the executive coaching business at that time, Richard Hewson.

“I liked it so much I bought the company!”

Richard Hewson trained and worked with the business from 1994. He liked it so much that in 1997 he bought the company. Hewsons was born, and in a short period of time was serving clients both in Australia and around the world.

Richard’s vision for Hewsons was people and organisations behaving ethically. For Richard, values such as responsibility, integrity, compassion, courage and respect were the foundations of an ethical view of life and over a period of 16 years he rapidly expanded the business and significantly deepened its expertise.

In 2009 Richard passed the baton to Joe Watkins, now Managing Partner of Hewsons. In 2010 Joe invited Carolyn Dean to join him as the second partner in the business.

Joe and Carolyn’s experience in senior management roles, in their own businesses and a combined 45 years experience in delivering leadership development programmes around the world had them recognise that Hewsons was a unique business in the Australian coaching and development market in terms of its history, its experience, its methodology, and its core ethos.

Joe and Carolyn’s mission is to create rewarding partnerships with our clients that fulfil their leadership aspirations and leave all of us deeply connected to one another and to what’s possible in organisations.

The intention of the journey that began 40 years ago is still alive and expanding.