Hewsons' methodology is based on our commitment to delivering real and sustainable change, not theories and concepts. It is based on four fundamental principles:

Behaviour change requires a shift in world view

People’s point of view shapes their behaviour and their actions and in turn determines the results they produce. Therefore, to achieve a sustained change in performance, there must be a shift in their worldview – which can be accomplished using Hewsons’ Worldview Model©.

Unpredictable, exceptional performance is underpinned by integrity

A person's ability to express themselves fully and perform at their best is severely weakened when they do things that compromise their own and others’ integrity.

When a person’s integrity is compromised they will experience their energy and focus being diverted away from effective performance.

Moving beyond the comfort zone

We are all constrained within a comfort zone and when shunted outside of it by something new, challenging or unexpected we behave in compulsive, sometimes unconscious, yet often predictable ways to get ourselves back to our comfort zone.

When we do this we not only deal ineffectively with what is in front of us, but we don’t grow and expand our competencies. Hewsons’ Comfort Zone Model© allows people to clearly identify their comfort boundary and understand and correct the ensuing automatic behaviours.

Powerful relationships = powerful results

Committed partnerships are the foundation of outstanding business results and success, and the foundation of committed partnerships is The Law of Mutual Exchange©.

In working through each of these four principles the learning process revolves, in an ever-ascending cycle, through the four phases of ARCA:

Awareness: Becoming aware of blind spots and barriers.
Responsibility: Identifying and accepting the impact of those blind spots and barriers.
Choice: Interrupting unconscious and automatic choices with new and effective ones.
Action: Determining appropriate and effective actions inside those new choices