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Andre Booyzen Executive Coach Brisbane Gold Coast

Andre Booyzen

Executive Coach - Consultant

Andre’s Experience

An experienced leader with more than 20 years in senior management and executive roles around the world, Andre has strong organisational, systems and coaching skills. He has worked in small to large international companies across a wide spectrum of industries and is skilled at challenging conventions to build high performing, safety-and-results focussed teams that deliver results. Andre is a rare transformational leader with the ability to balance soft and hard skills and has a demonstrated history of how to bring the two together to produce outstanding performance. He has been a board director with several companies and organisations, served as the Chairman of the Minerals Council of Australia (Victoria) from 2013 to 2017 and has won international awards and recognition for Lean Six Sigma deployments.

Core Competencies

  • Ability to quickly identify and understand the core challenges that companies and teams are facing and provide impactful solutions.
  • Connecting quickly with people and forming a mutual trust which leads to safe, open and free coaching relationships.
  • Managing behaviours and conversations based on integrity and leading to the realisation of goals.
  • Adept at working with organisations and companies in diverse nationalities, backgrounds cultures and contexts.
  • Empowering all levels of leadership in an organisation to provide partnerships in the fulfilment of a vision, and to lead powerfully, confidently and effectively.
  • Developing high performing executive and project leadership teams and management teams.
  • Embracing and leading transformational change balanced with an expertise in operations.
  • Deep understanding of the commercial, financial, contractual, managerial and technical knowledge required for operational success.

The following represents a snapshot of the kinds of results facilitated by Andre in his career to date

  • Transformed a loss-making mining operation into a profitable business and an employer of choice, taking it from $16m turnover per annum to $100m with no remaining debt and in excess of $25m free cash.
  • Has refocused and transformed the safety and health culture at several companies and, in one, reduced LTIFR from 27 to 0, and sick days by 70%
  • In another operation reduced staff turnover from 74% to below 7% per annum.
  • Created and managed a Performance Improvement initiative consisting of Lean Six Sigma, Leadership Development, Mission Directed Work Teams, Projects Management Office, Leadership Centre and Lodge, Talent and Performance Management, Technical/Operations training.
  • On several occasions created value-driven organisations and introduced systems, processes and controls creating cultures of continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Expanded a mine’s asset life from 6 months to 13 years, including mining continuously for 8+ years.
  • Increased production and plant throughput from 4kt to 14kt per month, with 20% less downtime and improved recoveries.
  • Created development programmes covering leadership, supervisory development, diversity and inclusion, wellness, business improvement and safety leadership.
  • Raised $10m from investors and a further $22m investment/loan during the first 6 months of the Covid 19 pandemic.

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