High Performing Project Leadership
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Large Projects Require Powerful Teams

Project leadership or management groups are referred to as 'teams' but in reality they are a collection of individuals with separate and distinct accountabilities who have often been put together by one or more parent companies in order to deliver.

Hewsons has worked on some of Australia's biggest projects. We understand that in many cases they are like large multi-billion dollar companies requiring the management of both complex and difficult work and a suite of complex, difficult and cross-agenda relationships - and all in a relatively short period of time. The type of challenge that absolutely requires teamwork!

In order to support project leadership teams in tackling these challenges our programmes are designed specifically to enable the team to invent themselves as a 'Championship Team' instead of a 'Team of Champions'.

Outcomes of the Programme

  • A shared learning experience and a common language that establishes alignment around an approach to working together productively.
  • An understanding of the real power of accountable conversations and their place at the heart of effective leadership.
  • Effectiveness at aligning all stakeholders – Board, clients, suppliers, contractors and employees – to ensure the team meets or exceeds its shared goals.
  • Clarity of the team's joint purpose and what's required to align all stakeholders to that purpose.
  • The ability to deal directly with issues or matters that disrupt high levels of collaboration and ultimately the delivery of what they are jointly accountable for.
  • Regular team meetings transform into opportunities for powerful decision making that drive the project results beyond what is predictable.
  • The team will become jointly accountable for driving a culture of integrity, accountability and high performance across the project.

“Learning to be an effective leader is no different than learning to be an effective person. And that’s the hard part.”
Warren G Bennis

“We had a different company doing team-building before we worked with Hewsons….it was nothing different. When we first met Hewsons, there was a level of accountability they were going to bring to us…it was transformational….we got that we were going to operate differently after working with them, and we did. It transformed the way we listen and talk to each other. It’s all changed completely.”
Rohan O’Grady, Fmr Project Director
Gorgon Civil and Underground Project

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