The Power of Asking Questions

Sourced from, this video clip of Daniel Pink talks about influence, and how asking the right questions can have people think through and reconnect with what’s important to them. He uses an example of talking to your daughter about cleaning her room.

“When people have their own reasons for doing something – not yours,” Pink says, “they believe those reasons more deeply and adhere to the behavior more strongly.”

“The key here is that we tend to think that persuasion or motivation is something that one person does to another,” says Pink. “What the social science tells us very clearly is that it’s really something that people do for themselves. And your job as a persuader, as a motivator, is to reset the context and surface people’s own reasons for doing something. Because it works a lot better.”

The clip runs for about 4 minutes and clearly demonstrates the art of asking questions. Take a few minutes to think about how you can apply this with your staff and collegues.


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