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Carolyn Dean


One of Australia's pre-eminent executive coaches, Carolyn attained global certification at the highest coaching levels over 20 years with one of the world’s leading training and development companies.

Carolyn has delivered in excess of 200,000 coaching hours to groups and individuals.

Carolyn's background and experience in executive coaching Melbourne, Australia and International

After a 9-year career in radio promotions and programming management I participated in my first educational experience in many years and discovered a passion for exploring leadership and communication. As a result of that experience, in 1989 I chose to switch my career path and to develop myself and others through training and coaching. My own training to become a master coach was highly rigorous and demanded that I be a demonstration of what I coached others in. Over a period of 20 years, I had the privilege of being coached by many masters and leading hundreds of courses, seminars, and programmes to tens of thousands of people around the world. In 2010 I joined Hewsons and developed unique team coaching approaches and expanded the company’s executive coaching offerings. Over my 34-year career I continue to learn through working with my clients and deepen my understanding of how to empower leaders, leadership teams and organisational cultures.

Outcomes of Carolyn's engagements

One of the key things I’ve learnt over the course of my career is how important the engagement and commitment of the client is to producing great results. Our job is to partner with the client in accomplishing what they are committed to, to assist them in uncovering the barriers they have to being successful that are hidden from their view. The results produced by the individuals and teams we coach vary greatly based on what those clients are focused on and committed to.

Individuals have produced accomplishments such as gaining leadership positions, impacting productivity in their accountability through being more effective at managing the performance of their teams, becoming accountable for making tough but necessary decisions, greater management of their workload with resulting drops in stress, and being effective at engaging others.

Teams have produced breakthroughs in organisational performance through improved accountability, large productivity gains, big reductions in churn, increasing employee engagement and safety performance, more effective use of time, greater consistency in the implementation of strategy, superior financial outcomes, and alignment between their organisational values and leadership behaviour.

Clients Carolyn has worked with

What Carolyn's clients say

“Over the last six months Carolyn has coached us as a group in working as a true Executive Team, empowering our Management team and coached each of the executives into a higher level of individual performance. The increased level of outcomes we are achieving as an Executive Team after the intervention by Carolyn is both obvious and significant. Thank you Carolyn.”
Desmond Wheeler, Managing Director, Maverick Bio Materials Pty. Ltd

“Recognising the key to successful execution of strategy is organisational alignment, Carolyn introduced us to concepts that paved the way for a far greater level of organisational ownership and individual commitment to the strategy. Breakthroughs in performance and improvements in working relationships were made possible through her excellent coaching of senior management and her powerful insights on what gets in the way of individuals and teams achieving great outcomes – I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Carolyn and I learned a great deal from her.”
Pat McCafferty, Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water

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