Executive Coaching

Different than mentoring, strategy coaching, alliance coaching, project management coaching and life coaching, executive coaching is specifically targeted towards elevating a person’s leadership capability and competency in functioning in an executive or other senior leadership role.

It is also possible that whilst on this journey a person may receive invaluable mentoring, gain clarity around their strategy, become more competent in causing collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, more effective in managing projects and become a more rounded individual. That depends on the skill and experience of the coach and the clarity of the goals that the client is committed to accomplishing.

At Hewsons that elevation in leadership capability and competency is accomplished by the application of our Authentic Leadership Development Cycle™.

Who Do We Coach?

We work with C-suite executives, senior leaders and managers in organisations and on large projects. Our clients have included organisations such as Gorgon Civils and Underground Services Project, Toyota, BHP Billiton, FB Rice, Computer Sciences Corporation, NSW Department of Industry, Ventia and Westfield amongst others. We also provide leadership team coaching across many industries.
I engaged Carolyn to provide coaching and leadership development for the management team of an Alliance which had been formed to remove level crossings in Melbourne. The program she delivered was truly inspiring, both personally and professionally, and I’d highly recommend Carolyn for anyone who is looking for a coach to help achieve high performance in their team.
Ben Ryan
Director, Melbourne Airport Rail

The Hewsons Approach

We act as full partners with our clients and their organisation and aim for sustainable rather than short-term impact. Our commitment is to create long term, profound relationships with leaders.

Our focus from the first point of contact is engagement through enquiry, listening and understanding of both the person to be coached and the environment they operate in. Experience has taught us that setting up an Executive Coaching programme well and getting inside the client’s world is key to supporting them in producing powerful and sustainable outcomes through their coaching. We ensure that the person to be coached is really wanting to do so, meet in advance to get an understanding of their needs and to give them the opportunity to assess if they are comfortable with us and, if appropriate, meet with their sponsor.

Our programme is structured with a set of sessions conducted every 2 to 3 weeks. Each session has a specific outcome and introduces models and concepts that are applied to the client’s areas of focus. Assignments are set and debriefed and often include actions identified that have arisen as a result of the material covered.

The overall outcome for our coaching programme is: To give leaders direct access to authenticity, integrity, accountability and effective action.

The content of the programme is designed from our values of:

Courage: We value the courage it takes for people to confront who they are for who they could be.

Responsibility: We value responsibility as the source of a powerful life and the freedom to express oneself.

Authenticity: We value being true to oneself and being of service to others.

Integrity: We value being whole, complete and unimpaired in all areas of life.

Results: We value going beyond the predictable, delivering results that are specific, measurable and which alter futures.

We engaged Hewson’s to work with our site leadership team as we strive for true high performance. Being a new leader with a team that has been together for a decade I needed help to transform the team relationships and in turn our effectiveness as leaders. Carolyn constructed the perfect mix of individual assessments and team workshops to transform each of us, but more importantly the team as a whole.
Jennifer Bennett
Vice President - Operations TEMCO, South 32

The Hewsons Executive Coaching Programme Structure

‘FIT’ Meeting

Determining if coachee is comfortable with coach
Understanding coachee’s needs

Sponsor Alignment Meeting

Coachee and coach meet with sponsor (if required)
Get sponsor’s input into area of focus for coaching from their perspective

Session 1

Set programme up for success.
Clarify areas of focus for coaching programme.
Coachee and coach meet with sponsor (if required)
Get sponsor’s input into area of focus for coaching from their perspective

3 hours

Sessions 2 – 6

Identify and transform performance constraints.
Shift past-based limiting viewpoints and habits.

2 hours

Sponsor Alignment Meeting

Coachee and coach meet with sponsor to share outcomes developed

Sessions 7 – 12

Practical approaches to working accountably.
Designing ‘future-based’ approach to leadership.

2 hours

Sponsor Meeting

Coachee and coach meet with sponsor to share outcomes produced from programme

Sustaining Change

Embed change and performance improvements.
3, 6 and 9- month follow up sessions

1 hour


Minimum 50% performance improvement in areas of identified focus.
Shift in leading to greater degrees of integrity and accountability.
Increased Productivity and Efficiency.
Sustained ease with handling workloads and work-life balance.
Greater capacity to engage stakeholders.

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