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Jinny Riat Executive Coach India

Jinny Riat

Executive and Leadership Coach

Since my earliest memories, I have been captivated by profound philosophical questions of our era, particularly those that delve into the essence of human existence. My upbringing in the India of the 1980s immersed me in a dynamic social context shaped by political turmoil, steadfast religious beliefs, regional unrest, and the constrained roles of women. This formative environment laid the foundation for my career as a Leadership Development consultant with a pronounced expertise in executive coaching.

Jinny's background and experience

I am a Management Development Consultant with core skills and expertise in coaching leaders across diverse verticals and developing innovative learning interventions for organisational cultural impact. With a Bachelors in Business Administration, over two decades of experience in the corporate sector (both in India and the UK) and a Masters in Coaching and Human Development (Oxford Brookes University, UK) I have developed a deeper and systemic understanding of organisational challenges and have the expertise to coach individuals, teams and organisation systems to effectively address these challenges using novel and evidence based approaches.

After causing a major turnaround in my family business of automotive components based in India that had been reeling under financial crises, I moved to the UK where I pursued my Masters in Coaching and Human Development from the Oxford Brookes University, whilst coaching, consulting and developing learning solutions across various verticals like renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, health and education. Returning to India in 2012, I channeled my expertise into substantive work with organisations and leaders, leveraging coaching, learning interventions, and consulting projects to instigate both cultural transformation and enhanced performance. I currently live in India and practice globally with clients in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Nigeria etc.

Outcomes of Jinny's engagements

In my coaching engagements, I facilitate clients in exploring their cognitive patterns, uncovering entrenched beliefs, and safely challenging them. My approach transcends mere skill enhancement or performance elevation. Instead, I strive to co-create a space wherein clients tap into their innate wisdom to foster profound internal growth. This involves heightened self-awareness, honest confrontation of current realities, and authentic formulation of strategies that emanate from newfound self-awareness.

Clients Jinny has worked with

What Jinny's clients say

“I had the opportunity to work with Jinny as my coach, and I think it was one of the best decisions I made to invest in my own development journey.
In my interactions and sessions with her, I found her to be deeply empathetic yet totally non judgemental; extremely comfortable to share things with but still very professional; and like a good friend when the situation demanded yet never crossing the blurred boundaries between a counsellor and a confidante. And these I believe are the qualities that make a coach and a counsellor very effective and relevant.
Jinny pushed me to ask myself the difficult questions that needed addressal, and also made me see the flip side of things that I had chosen to ignore or take for granted. It’s often not possible to manage your professional development goals without exploring the personal events in your life, and Jinny was able to handle both sides extremely well and with a lot of patience and pragmatism.
She makes it extremely easy to form a strong rapport and connection with her and that makes the journey as a coach and coachee very rewarding and purposeful, as it was in my case.”
– Partner, Aon Hewitt, A Global HR Consultancy

“We have been employing Jinny Riat’s consulting services for over 2 years now. She and her team have been working with us to fine-tune our strategy and design an organisation that can deliver on that. She has spent time understanding our business, our track record, our growth trajectory as well as the growth aspirations that I as MD hold. She has helped us identify aspects of the leadership capability, organisational design and organisational culture that could act as bottlenecks and where there are points of leverage we could exploit to move towards our business goals. Her consulting expertise has allowed us to quickly rally the leadership team to shift their strategic mindset and fall in line with our ambitious goals. She has also helped us craft our organisational Purpose and Values which have helped to align the leadership team. She is currently continuing to work with us on improving our leadership capability and designing development roadmaps for individuals and the team.”
– Ingenuity Gaming, India

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