Common misconceptions in team dynamics #3


Misconception #3 – Each member of the leadership team is responsible for ‘their part’ of what the team is working on.

Whilst people on leadership teams relate to themselves as only responsible for performing their role, and not responsible for the team’s performance as a whole, the level of engagement and value available from that person in supporting the team in meeting its objectives will be dramatically reduced.

People on leadership teams that take on being responsible for the outcomes of their team (whilst respecting the accountabilities that their fellow team members have) will participate, and engage with others on that team on all issues, not just those relevant to them. This means the team is getting far more input and commitment to the whole, maximising the resource that’s available in the team.

One crucial aspect of leadership team development is enabling team members to develop a relationship with one another that is based on each of them being responsible for the purpose, outcomes and actions that the team is accountable for.  This is the source of a collaborative team culture, individuals become engaged in all of the conversations and matters that the team is working on and actively contribute their wealth of experience and knowledge.  It creates a dynamic where people speak up and productively challenge one another,  are motivated to help others in thinking through things, provide support in the completion of actions, and more readily put their hands up when the question “Who is willing to take this on?” is asked.