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Carolyn Dean



Attained global certification at the highest coaching levels over 20 years with one of the world’s leading training and development companies.

Coaching Experience and Organisations worked with

  • Coached over 30,000 people in communication teamwork, leadership, project management and strategy development around the world over the past 30 years.
  • Responsible for training hundreds of coaching programme leaders, coaches and sales people in Australia, USA, Japan, Europe, New Zealand and India.
  • Current and past clients include executives in BHPBilliton, Leighton Contractors, Mandalay Resources, Santos, CSR Sugar, Shell, Incitec Pivot, Yarra Valley Water, Visionstream, Norman Disney Young, Lonmin Platinum (South Africa), SRAM (US, Germany, Taiwan, China), Odebrecht Engineering & Construction and Modec (Brazil).

Business Experience and Competencies

Carolyn has 30 years experience in management and consulting to media, service and industrial organisations in both the private and government sector. She has worked with medium to large organisations across a broad range of industry sectors around the world. As a result of that experience she has developed the following core competencies:

  • An ability to grasp the context and resulting challenges her clients are dealing with in a very short period of time.
  • Working with organisations and companies in diverse cultures and contexts.
  • Empowering the leadership of an organisation to lead powerfully, confidently and effectively and being fully their partner in fulfilling their vision.
  • Developing high performing executive leadership, project leadership and management teams.
  • Creating high levels of relationship and trust in a very short period of time which in turn creates an environment where people experience that it’s safe to communicate what is not being communicated and, where necessary, to resolve any differences they have with velocity.
  • Being able to rapidly identify what will make a difference to individual and group performance.
  • Managing conversations through to fulfilment with a high degree of integrity.


Outcomes produced by clients Carolyn has worked with are:

  • Developing and empowering leadership to bring about change and performance improvements.
  • Bringing clarity, focus and high performance to delivery of projects such as the Gorgon Civil and Underground Services Project on Barrow Island, Western Australia, the CVL-3 Project on the Inpex Project in Darwin N.T. and the Visionstream NBN project in Tasmania.
  • Development of future cultural and growth strategies that take them well beyond the past and predictability.


“Carolyn is professional, has high integrity and will transform any business she works with.”
Ricus Grimbeek, Asset Leader, Worsley Alumina, BHPBilliton

“Recognising the key to successful execution of strategy is organizational alignment, Carolyn introduced us to concepts that paved the way for a far greater level of organizational ownership and individual commitment to the strategy. Breakthroughs in performance and improvements in working relationships were made possible through her excellent coaching of senior management and her powerful insights on what gets in the way of individuals and teams achieving great outcomes – I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Carolyn and I learned a great deal from her.”
Pat McCafferty, Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water

"Smart people don’t learn… because they have too much invested in proving what they know and avoiding being seen as not knowing."
Chris Argyris

"It [the Hewsons Coaching] has transformed the culture of the leadership team. In terms of results, the bottom line has been production. We have hugely increased production .. by 30%. Also, staff turnover has gone from 68% to 13%."
Andre Booyzen, General Manager - Australia, Mandalay Resources

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