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Leaders Producing Unpredictable Results

Leaders strive to excel, to go beyond what is predictable and to be proud of the legacy they create with their people and the organisation. For many leaders unpredictable results are normally associated with long hours,

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21st Century Leadership

What it takes to be a successful, extraordinary leader in this century is vastly different than what it took in the 20th, and light years beyond what it took in the 19th. In a global society

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Championship Teams

There is great value in having a coach. Anyone who is committed to performing beyond their current level knows that they need someone to help them get there. They seek out a coach or, in some

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Relationships equal Results

There is an overwhelming amount of conversations and data available that validates the direct link between leadership based in integrity and accountability driving a high performance engaged culture that in turn produces unrivalled results. The September

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Nice Leaders don’t Empower People.

An authentic leader is someone who empowers rather than dominates, and they also know that at times their job requires the right amount of demand on others for them to be effective.   The difference is

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