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Introducing Boral Plasterboard

With sales of AUD$4.8 billion and over 16,000 employees working across 682 operating sites, Boral Limited is Australia’s largest building and construction materials supplier. Boral is committed to creating an environment in which its people can excel through a management culture that is participative, encouraging and supportive.

Phil Renwick joined Boral in 1993 in Production Management. After completing his Masters of Management in 1994, Phil moved into Human Resources (HR) and was then appointed as HR General Manager for Boral Plasterboard, Australia and Asia.

Transition and Growth Development into General Management

"After four years in my previous position I felt ready for a promotion. In order to make that next step and deliver on expectations, I needed to fine tune my executive capabilities."

Phil underwent the Hewsons Executive Coaching program and within months was promoted to the role as General Manager.

"Hewsons directly lifted my performance to exceed expectations. They helped me gain insight and skills which were recognised by my seniors and, I believe, directly contributed to my promotion."

Top Qualifications and Senior Experience Can’t Meet Every Development Need

As an experienced HR professional, Phil began looking for a one-on-one solution to boost his management skills.

Hewsons Provides a Solid Structure

Before investing in Hewsons Executive Coaching, Phil and Boral researched several coaching companies, including a few which Boral had used previously.

"Having done a Masters in Management years earlier, I was not convinced further study would be able to provide the personal development I needed. I was also involved with Boral corporate learning and development in Human Resources, so had a pretty good idea of what wider development programs had to offer. That was when I started to consider executive coaching and approached Hewsons."

Hewsons Executive Coaching Program focused on Phil achieving results in:

  • Enabling long term strategic initiatives;
  • Time management with a focus on priority tasks;
  • Developing a management approach to effectively deal with superiors; and
  • Work/life balance.

"Hewsons had a strong framework of strategy sessions to clarify objectives and identify key strengths and blockages. I found Hewsons’ sound structure and focus on outcomes similar to our business, so they were a natural fit."

More Sophisticated Patterns of Thinking Around Communication

Through Hewsons’ continued positive reinforcement and easy-to-apply techniques, Phil made lasting improvements in his communication with colleagues.

The Discipline to Get Things Done

Hewsons helped Phil identify the key issues preventing him from achieving an effective work/life balance.

"Hewsons Executive Coaching has shifted my mindset in particular areas where I needed to think bigger or play bigger. It has given me more confidence and increased power to communicate my views effectively. Hewsons call it the ‘Law of Mutual Exchange.’ This approach increased my ability to influence others and raise their levels of engagement and motivation more easily. In return I found they delivered more effectively on what I wanted from them. One of the main advantages of Hewsons is that their techniques stick, so you can’t help but apply them in professional and personal aspects of your life."

"Being busy got in the way. Hewsons helped me clarify how to manage my work life balance so at work I was able to focus on completing the big things, rather than being distracted with little issues. Achieving a better balance has had a positive effect on my private life. I was finally able to complete housing renovations that had been stalling for years."

A Cure for Unconscious Behaviour

Hewsons drew out the motives behind unconscious habits that were affecting Phil’s management skills.

"Before Hewsons, I interrupted people while they were talking. Hewsons allowed me to identify the thought pattern in my decision to derail the conversation, which was around the need to demonstrate my knowledge to others. I now make a more conscious effort to allow people to speak, before putting my view across."

Internal Integrity and Values Alignment

One thing Phil needed to do more effectively was develop an approach to ensure people above him recognised the things he had done. Through Hewsons, Phil built the confidence to make clear to others the value he delivered.

Hewsons helped Phil understand that aligning internal values with business decisions leads to an improved management approach. By ensuring his personal integrity and professional ethics are aligned, he is now able to make clearer business decisions, and demands when required, to prompt better results.

"With Hewsons, coaching is not a remedial activity, it is about positively increasing ‘match fitness’ and drawing out potential."

Hewsons’ Strengths Make it a Preferred Choice for Boral Plasterboard

"Hewsons delivers great results. The executive coaching team is extremely professional and highly responsive. They have sound knowledge, are down to earth individuals and most importantly, they practice what they preach."

Phil now gives his staff the opportunity to benefit from Hewsons’ services, “Management teams in different parts of the Boral Plasterboard business are now offered coaches and have predominantly chosen Hewsons. Phil believes the Hewsons’ structure, approach and experience give people confidence.

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