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Creating a Culture of Accountability and Effective Communication


For over 40 years in Australia, CSC has guided its clients through the maze of constant technology change while maintaining a focus on delivering business results.

Managed Services, a division of CSC, were responsible for the IT requirements for some of Australia’s largest companies such as BHP. CSC employees would work from the client’s office and interfaced with their clients on a daily base.

These employees, while highly capable in their technical area of expertise, were not as effective in communicating and interfacing with the clients.

Case for Action

Woman in Server Room - CSC Engagement Coaching Workshop

Danny Wilmott, Director for Managed Services, was responsible for the effective and profitable delivery of server, storage and database platforms and data centres to Australian and Global clients with a revenue base of $250m, managing 650 staff in Australia and India.

The team were predominately IT professionals that were highly technically capable, but less effective communicating and interfacing with each other and the clients. Danny was committed to improving accountability for agreements, promises and communication with the clients and each other. He was clear that this would offer a substantial improvement in productivity, client and staff satisfaction.

Danny had been working with Hewsons for several years developing his more senior managers through one on one coaching and required a more cost-effective solution for developing layers of management that were less senior in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Engagement Coaching Workshop

Coder Sitting at Desk - CSC Engagement Coaching Workshop

This workshop is designed to both develop the leadership skills of managers and improve team dynamics through introducing them to a common view and language of leadership that facilitates conversations that elevate performance.

The workshop consists of a two-day workshop and four, one hour coaching session for each participant. The first session of the coaching prepares the participant to get the most value from the workshop and discusses personal development objectives that are of sufficient importance to motivate them to participate effectively. The following three sessions follow the two-day workshop to support the participants in implementing the learnings from the workshop.

The purpose of the CSC workshops was to provide over 50 CSC Managers and technicians with a foundation of simple but powerful concepts that would leave them engaged with operating responsibly and with integrity, sharing their knowledge and experience, communicating effectively with each other.

In this workshop, the individuals had an opportunity to raise their awareness of what drives their behaviour and the behaviour of others by:

  • Exploring how their view of the world impacts their ability to lead effectively.
  • Understanding the constraint their existing comfort zone imposes on their leadership and how to expand their comfort zone.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of accountability, responsibility and integrity at a personal and team level.

"I have been able to stay focused on my aims, and to make rapid and demonstrable progress towards them. The sessions have helped me clarify my thinking, translate it into actions, and execute in such a way that both I and CSC gained great benefit. I am personally much more comfortable in both my role and my approach, and this has shown rewards not only in my work, but in my personal life as well."

Organisational Results

People who participated in the workshops have shared with Danny that they are more confident to manage client requests and requirements without the need to say yes to everything. Previously they felt compelled to say yes because they did not want to let the client down and disappoint them. They could negotiate outcomes that worked for the client and for CSC and become more reliable for meeting negotiated agreements.

People found themselves less stressed and able to go home and not carry their problems with them. This made for a more positive attitude which then translated into better client relationships.


"Hewsons has been instrumental in helping my top tier executives retain their composure and that gives them the confidence and results focus to get more of what they want out of their jobs and their life. Hewsons can evaluate collectively the impact that my team’s leadership is having on the organisation and also give great feedback on issues that exist and that need to be dealt with."

"I found Hewsons invaluable as a resource where I could discuss and resolve issues that I was facing as an executive in a very large matrixes organisation. There is a perception that as managers you have all the answers, so you may find yourself reluctant to raise some of your issues you are facing within your own environment. Hewsons provided a safe environment where I could raise any issue however menial."

"As one of my team described it, The Hewsons Engagement Coaching workshop has been ‘revolutionary’. My leaders gained insights about key leadership limitations that some said they had been dealing with for years. Relationships and teamwork within/between teams has improved significantly. My leaders are more positive and handling their work with greater ease. They’re going home more relaxed. The business is benefiting in higher service levels, productivity and culture."

Evaluation Scores

The percentages below represent the average of the 50 people who participated in the workshop in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The rating scale below was Excellent, Good, Neutral, Poor, Very Poor. 

Relevance of the Workshop to Your Job and Life
  • 70% of participants rated this as Excellent and 30% of participants rated this as Good.
Facilitators Skills
  • 80% of participants rated this as Excellent and 20% of participants rated this as Good.

Participants were also asked to rate the workshop out of 10 for the value they received from the workshop, with 10 being the highest rating.

  • Overall average score was 7.9 out of 10.

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