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The answer to the question ‘what can only be accomplished by working together’ is a good place to start when looking at leadership team coaching. What many people think of and refer to as ‘team’ is in the vast majority of cases actually a group of experienced professionals with separate and distinct accountabilities, operating from their own agendas.

Many times what you have is a ‘Team of Champions’ not a ‘Championship Team’.

What the word teamwork means is ‘cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause’. When our clients first come to us looking for support in the development of their team, they often describe that there is some combination of too much politics, too little listening and dysfunction on the part of one or more members of the team.

What makes a team a team are common goals, or a shared set of accountabilities, TRUST and the ability to hold one another to account. Being effective at holding another to account takes practice and when done well results in creative solutions to problems and high levels of engagement. A critical pre-requisite for these conversations is trust. Our experience is that many people actively avoid having these conversations or do them in a way that lowers trust. When these conversations are not being had, particularly by senior leaders, dysfunction and dissatisfaction inevitably ensues.

The Hewsons High-Performing Leadership Team Programme ™ is based on our Authentic Leadership Development Cycle ™ and is comprised of a 2-day workshop, followed by five 1-day workshops with one to one coaching support in between. The timing between each workshop is anywhere from four to eight weeks. In the workshops the dynamics of the team can be identified and improved through the introduction and exploration of a number of topics and shared exercises. In the one to one coaching members of the team have the opportunity to focus on their specific areas for improvement. Content in the programme is always curated to suit our client’s industry, conditions and needs.

Our High-Performing Project Leadership Team Programme ™ is a modified version of the HPLT ™ designed to suit working with project leadership teams. We have worked on some of Australia’s largest projects. We understand that they are like large multi-billion dollar enterprises, requiring the management of both complex and difficult work, and a suite of complex, difficult and cross-agenda relationships – and all in a relatively short period of time! Our leadership team coaching programs are powerful, effective and long lasting.

Leadership Team Coaching Programme Outcomes

“In times of change, the learners will inherit the Earth while those attached to their old certainties will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”
Eric Hoffer

“Over the last six months Carolyn has coached us as a group in working as a true Executive Team, empowering our Management team and coached each of the executives into a higher level of individual performance. The increased level of outcomes we are achieving as an Executive Team after the intervention by Carolyn is both obvious and significant.”

Des Wheeler
CEO, Maverick Bio

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