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When is a team not a team?

The word team is often used to describe a group of two or more people who are working together. However, teamwork is about combined action – about coming together to achieve a common goal. When it

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Communication and Cultural Filters

Communication fascinates me.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s I was introduced to a completely new view of communication that changed my life forever.  Sadly, I can liken it to seeing colour TV for the

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Accountability and Delegation

In our executive coaching practice we are often talking to people who continually complain of a shortage of time and say that ‘time management’ is a leadership development issue for them. However, what we have regularly

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Championship Teams

There is great value in having a coach. Anyone who is committed to performing beyond their current level knows that they need someone to help them get there. They seek out a coach or, in some

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