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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

Author: Stephen Covey

Review: A classic and as relevant today as when it was written, Covey’s 7 Habits is for everyone, not just CEOs. “The Seven Habits” include: treat others like you would like to be treated; be goal-oriented; manage your time wisely; seek the wisdom and insight of others; be slow to speak and quick to listen.

Power and Influence

The Power Of Influence: Beyond Formal Authority

Author: John P Kotter

Review: How to do you bridge “the power gap” i.e. how do you exercise the power and influence you need to get things done through others when your responsibilities exceed your formal authority. This is a book for those who aim to create smooth, responsive working relationships and increase their personal effectiveness on the job; Kotter shows how you can make the dynamics of power work for you instead of against you.

Serve To Lead

Serve To Lead

Author: James M Strock

Review: 21st century leadership is a whole new world! Serve to Lead equips you with the tools to prevail, whether you’re a CEO or just starting out, whether you’re an entrepreneur, or work in a large company, government agency, a not-for-profit organization or the military. Serve to Lead equips you with the tools to make your unique contribution as a leader. From the raw material of your life and work you will be able to create your own “masterpiece of service.”

On Becoming A Leader

On Becoming A Leader

Author: Warren Bennis

Review: Warren Bennis has for years persuasively argued that leaders are not born; they are made. Delving into the qualities that define leadership, the people who exemplify it, and the strategies that anyone can apply to achieve it, his classic work On Becoming a Leader has served as a source of essential insight for countless readers.

Good To Great

Good To Great

Author: Jim Collins

Review: Written many years ago, this book is still an absolute gem. You cannot look past the research thoroughness that Jim Collins and his team have employed to determine what sets Great companies apart from the rest. It is a very clear roadmap that any CEO or executive team can follow and learn how to tackle building a company that is worth building.

The 5 Most important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization

The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organisation

Author: Peter F Drucker

Review: With five simple questions, Peter F. Drucker challenges leaders to take a close look at the very heart of their organisations and what drives them. The five questions – though not new – can provoke new thinking.

Our Iceberg Is Melting

Leading Change: Our Iceberg Is Melting

Author: John P Kotter

Review: At the present time – there is really no organisation that is not faced with a changing situation. Technology and globalisation are perhaps the biggest issues impacting most organisations today. The difficulties that loom for creating that change can be often intimidating. The book helps you to see change differently.

Leading Change review

Leading Change

Author: John P Kotter

Review: In Leading Change, Kotter identifies an eight-step process for successfully achieving real change, and shows where and how people – good people, often derail. A great handbook for any leader seriously committed to making change stick.

5 dysfunctions of a team Review

The 5 Dysfunctions of Team

Patrick Lencioni is renowned for his work in supporting and empowering teams to be effective in the US. This small book has a wealth of approaches and tools for driving effective teamwork.

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Jossey-Bass; Lrg edition (April 11, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470580461


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