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Managing Paradox

One of the most common issues we encounter in our work with leadership teams is the struggle they have in getting their people to be accountable for communicating delivery problems early to allow time for the creation

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What does a Global Leader look like?

Many businesses in Australia are expanding, either organically or by virtue of being acquired, into global companies putting an increasing demand on our business leaders to learn how to operate in the global ‘space’.  Bill George is

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Engaging People in Your Vision

As a leader your job is to create your organisation’s future and turn it into reality.  However, as anyone who has been in a leadership position knows,  implementing your intentions requires engaging people – and that

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High performing teams need balance

I read an interesting article today that quoted a UCLA neuroscientist who says that social skills are a multiplier that enables the harnessing of analytical skills, intelligence and competence.  This person says that well-connected teams who

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Communication and Cultural Filters

Communication fascinates me.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s I was introduced to a completely new view of communication that changed my life forever.  Sadly, I can liken it to seeing colour TV for the

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