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High performing teams need balance

I read an interesting article today that quoted a UCLA neuroscientist who says that social skills are a multiplier that enables the harnessing of analytical skills, intelligence and competence.  This person says that well-connected teams who

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High Performing Leadership Teams

It is surprising to me that the development of high performing leadership teams is a relatively new area in Australia.  If you Google ‘leadership team development’ you won’t get much in terms of companies in Australia

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Communication and Cultural Filters

Communication fascinates me.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s I was introduced to a completely new view of communication that changed my life forever.  Sadly, I can liken it to seeing colour TV for the

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Common Misconceptions in Team Dynamics #2

Misconception Number Two: A group of managers coming together to produce an outcome constitutes a team. People either become part of a team by virtue of their role in the organisation (executive team, sales team, accounting

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