Four personal blind spots that will shoot you in the foot!

Warning! If you think the blind spots below describe someone else and you can’t see how they apply to you, it’s likely you have no idea of the impact you are having on people around you and in return, the impact that has on your performance.

Blind Spot 1 – Not knowing that you have blind spots, and that you will always have blind spots.
The way we think, feel and see things is conditioned by many genetic and environmental influences that create ‘filters’ that colour our view. It’s like looking through a pair of red glasses, everything occurs red. By default, our paradigms create blind spots. Thinking that the way you see things is the ‘truth’ or the ‘right way’ will shoot you in the foot. This will leave others around you disengaged, just look at the results of engagement surveys.

Blind Spot 2 – Not being aware of how you are contributing to problems or breakdowns that happen around you.
For the most part, we all have some part to play in things that are working and those that are not. Seeing how you are contributing gives you immediate access to sustaining the things that are working and resolving those things that are not working by addressing your contribution. This blind spot leaves you powerless.

Blind Spot 3 – Why do ineffective behaviours persist?
Behaviours like not balancing work commitments with other commitments, not speaking up, procrastinating and having difficult conversations when required. This blind spot makes you reactive and you won’t deal effectively with these issues.

Blind Spot 4 – Thinking you have ‘made it’ and you can now stop learning and growing.
When you stop developing and learning, you will regress. This blind spot leaves you unaware of what you are capable of.

Each one of the above blind spots apply to you in some way – really! Take a moment and think about what these blind spots have cost you and your business in the past and what they will cost in the future.



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