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Dialogue - one person is speaking and one listening

Emotional intelligence and leadership

I spent 2 days with a senior leadership team this week and as preparation for the workshop I had them take Simon Baron-Cohen’s (yes, he is related to Borat) ‘Mind in the Eyes’ Test. I came across this test in an article on research done by MIT’s Centre of Collective Intelligence into predicting team performance. […]

Bad Habits

Changing bad leadership habits

Your habits are hardwired, literally. Your brain allows you to do things unconsciously so that you don’t have your attention on all the detail that’s involved in habitual behaviour. If you had to think about all the different elements of driving a car including all the adjustments required with changing conditions you probably wouldn’t have […]


Authentic Leaders – Why do we need them and what do they look like?

The communication and ‘connectedness’ explosion that has occurred over the last 20 years through the proliferation of social media and the resulting breakthrough in people’s access to information, has changed the landscape for leadership everywhere. This change, coupled with the retirement of the baby boomer generation from leadership positions over the coming 10 years, and […]

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What’s happening with leadership in Australia?

Leadership of a country is undoubtedly a way more complex undertaking than leading a company and it is a matter that I have no experience in or deep relationship to. However, the convening of the recent National Reform Summit points to there being a concern in the wider community of Australian leaders about a lack […]


How you listen is your most important leadership competency

I met with an executive management team recently to discuss their commitment to developing themselves as a high performing team. During that discussion, one of the executives responded to something another executive had said and their response left me thinking that they had heard something very different to what I had heard. It was pretty […]

Leadership teams - the leadership development focus of the future

Leadership teams – the leadership development focus of the future

The qualities of organisational leadership have evolved considerably since the command and control model that reigned up until the middle of the 20th century but in reading Peter Wilson’s second edition of ‘Make Mentoring Work’ today I was educated about what the catalyst for the most recent evolution was. Peter explains: “as new international powers […]

Symbiosis, fusion and interconnectedness – Why?

Symbiosis, fusion and interconnectedness – Why?

There is a big difference between a team of champions and a championship team. That difference is very hard to pin down, let alone create, but I think it has to do with these 3 things – symbiosis, fusion and interconnectedness. The dictionary defines symbiosis as ‘a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups’; […]

Personal Accountability

Personal Accountability – How do you rate?

People being accountable rates as one of the most important development outcomes in the work we do with organisations. Its importance to business results cannot be overstated as it underpins both personal and organisational effectiveness. In his book on Accountability: The key to driving a high performance culture, Greg Bustin says “ If accountability is […]

Being inspired by what’s possible in organisations

Being inspired by what’s possible in organisations

I spent time with one of our clients last week as they requested support for one of their new managers to become a better leader. I know this organisation very well and the people in it have become almost like family to me. The conversation with the young manager and the subsequent conversations with his […]

Coaching is not a solution to your problem

Coaching is not a solution to your problem

If you are thinking of using a coach to solve a problem for you, think again, it’s a flawed view of coaching. You may end up wasting time, money and the opportunity of really making a difference with the person you want coached. We get called into organisations a lot to help a CEO or […]

Learning to be accountable

Learning to be accountable may be a matter of unlearning

In his small yet powerfully insightful book ‘Teaching Smart People How to Learn’, Chris Argyris makes the case that business success increasingly depends on the people in the business continually learning but that the majority of well-educated, high-powered, high-commitment professionals who occupy key leadership positions are lousy at learning! Further, Chris said that most companies […]

The Single Greatest Threat to Your Leadership Growth and Development

The Single Greatest Threat to Your Leadership Growth and Development

Incremental growth happens inside of your comfort zone – exponential growth happens outside of your comfort zone – your discomfort zone. Think of public speaking, networking, leaving your job and starting something new, cold calling, conflict, saying no, taking an unpopular stance when you think it’s right, challenging inappropriate behaviour etc. When you pushed through […]

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