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Is your leadership team a team of leaders or a group of managers?

This sounds like a dumb question but when I look back on the number of executive and leadership teams we’ve worked with in organisations it’s clear to me that in many instances the members of those teams were technically competent, and nice people, but not great leaders. That begs a couple of questions, the first […]


Why your success comes down to honouring commitments

I am defining commitments as a pledge (includes agreements and promises) you make to yourself and/or others about your state of ‘being’, how you will behave, what course of action you will take and what outcomes you will produce. The degree to which you stay true to your commitments and restrict actions that are inconsistent […]

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There is no I in Team

This saying – ‘there is no I in Team’ – is a well-known one, and the ‘I’ refers to someone whose behaviour runs counter to engagement, collaboration, support and synergy. This TED talk ‘Why it’s time to forget the pecking order at work’ gives great insight into how the performance of teams rests on the […]

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Personal growth and leadership lessons on a treadmill

Every day we are challenged to honour commitments to ourselves and to others. How we respond to these challenges affect the outcomes produced. Learning from how we respond is a powerful pathway for growth. I learnt the following lessons in engaging with a commitment I made to myself to exercise for 30 minutes every morning […]

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When is a team not a team?

The word team is often used to describe a group of two or more people who are working together. However, teamwork is about combined action – about coming together to achieve a common goal. When it comes to developing a group’s ability to operate as a team it is important to determine whether or not […]


The language of accountable management

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.” Rita Mae Brown Doctors, lawyers and engineers have distinctions created in language that allow them to reliably produce outcomes. Distinction provides power because it has you see the world differently, so you see openings […]


Your greatest critic can become your greatest champion

Most people who complain or criticise are doing so because they have a committed point of view. If they were not committed, they wouldn’t say anything. People who repeatedly complain about the same issue do so because they don’t feel that they have been heard and what they have to say is important to them. […]

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You might be surprised by what’s really happening in your team

We have often started working with a team that we have been told by its leader is working very well only to find that in fact there are a myriad of issues underneath the surface that no one is talking about. As you can imagine, this can be a surprising discovery for the leader of […]


5 things requisite to achieve a high ROI on coaching

Coaching is a big investment for the organisation and for the coachee. The costs go way beyond money which is the tip of the iceberg. So it makes sense that you take appropriate steps to ensure a high return for the organisation and the coachee. When the coaching produces the desired outcomes, the return to […]

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Integrity and executive team performance

A team’s performance is built on a foundation of integrity. Just like a building, the bigger it is the deeper its foundations need to be, and those foundations need to have absolute integrity or the consequences will be catastrophic. An executive leadership team’s accountability is an awesome ‘structure’ they have to build and/or manage and […]


5 things you should do to build a successful career

We’ve all had the thought “If I’d only known what I know now when I was in my 20’s”. It’s now an old cliché. Given the wisdom we accumulate with age is not new and was certainly available when I was in my 20’s (see quotes below), I think a more apt statement is “If […]


Leadership teams – a safe space?

Last weekend’s AFL and NRL Grand Finals were a fascinating opportunity for anyone obsessed with leadership teams and their performance, like me. Being a Victorian, I spent more time on the AFL than the NRL – although the hype about the cliff-hanging final moments of the NRL final did draw us to take a look. […]

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