Results get you in the game; how you play the game is what determines your success


There is no question that producing results in your accountability is a prerequisite for being successful throughout your career. Without producing results, you will not even get on the game board for promotion, results earn you the right to play the game.


Once in the game, how you play the game will ultimately determine how successful you are. As you move into more senior roles, how you play the game becomes more critical for the organisation because you have a greater impact on all aspects of the organisation.

My experience in working with boards, executives and senior managers has been that the following factors are critical in assessing how someone is playing the game and therefore, who should be promoted:

1. Can I trust this person?

  • Integrity – reliably honouring your agreements – doing what you have agreed to do including the completion date, taking responsibility for the good and bad, leaving people complete, meeting both personal and work commitments.
  • Authenticity – walk the talk, behaving consistent with personal and organisational values.
  • Courage – respectfully communicating what you think, having difficult conversations, standing up for what you believe, making the tough calls.

2. Is this person providing leadership in the organisation?

  • Engagement – do they engage people, are people drawn to work with them, do they get the best from people?
  • Vision – do they own the organisation’s vision and values, is this clearly visible in decision making and management?
  • Strategic – Does this person get too bogged down in day to day operational issues and not work on strategy?

3. Will this person be accountable for the whole, not just their part?

  • Loyalty – a willingness to put personal agendas aside and work together with peers for the benefit of the organisation.
  • Ownership – making the organisation’s intentions something you own, not just something you ‘align’ with.

Where do you rate yourself in each of the points above?