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Common Misconceptions in Team Dynamics #2

Misconception Number Two: A group of managers coming together to produce an outcome constitutes a team. People either become part of a team by virtue of their role in the organisation (executive team, sales team, accounting

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Common Misconceptions in team dynamics

MISCONCEPTION NUMBER ONE:   Avoid confrontation because it will make things worse. People in teams avoid raising breakdowns, issues and matters of concern they have with their team members, and also with the team itself, as

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Quote of the Month

As we come across quotes that we feel are worthy of sharing we will post them.  Here’s the first of those: “The fixed idea that we have about ourselves as solid and separate from each other

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When the Solution becomes the Problem

We are all driven to look for ‘the answer’, it’s hardwired into how our brains function. If something isn’t working or we need to make something happen, we have to work out ‘the answer’. Without that

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Trust and Engagement

In many ways, saying that trust is important is stating the bleeding obvious – but is it? Employee engagement is one of the top priorities for many businesses today yet the activity that will rapidly and

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